I have been taking Savta Remedies for the past 30 days and am very pleased with how I feel.

Instead of having to take numerous multiple vitamins, you simply pour Savta on your tongue, Or, pour water into a 4-6 oz. glass along with the powder. Its that easy! And, there’s no after taste!

Savta is a traditional remedy which includes vitamins and minerals supporting the body’s immune system.

We all need daily nutrients! I recommend Savta to everyone! Its great for all athletes and golfers to give you that extra “Drive” on the back 9!

Tom Horan

I had been battling phlegm in my throat since the beginning of November. I felt like I was on a roller coaster. One day up and another day filled with coughing all day. I was introduced to the product 4 days ago and began taking as prescribed and today being the fourth day, no miserable coughing, no disgusting, nor significant amounts of phlegm coming up and the best part is, I feel great! I have already requested an order and have also recommended the product to a member of my church who is battling the same thing.

Aldean Green

I got a box of Savta when I had a cold about a month ago. I have a little one in daycare so we had been going back and forth between family members with the cold and couldn’t seem to kick it. Even though the cold was gone, I continued taking my ritual of a packet of Savta (tastes like a sugary treat) each day for the month. And of course, my toddler comes home sniffling and coughing, took him to the doctor, prescribed antibiotics, etc. Daddy caught it from him, but mommy never caught it. I order two more boxes today, one for mom and one for dad! Love this stuff!

Jamie Howington

I love how this product is all natural, and the taste is amazing. I trust this product 100% because of how natural and reliable it is. Thank you Savta Remedies:)

Allyssa Plakon