I am very sensitive to artificial sweeteners and chemicals as they upset my stomach and make me feel jittery. I was thrilled to find something that I can take if I’m feeling flat or under the weather. I have now started having regular stick packs and feel overall more energetic and healthy. When my whole office passed around a wicked cold, I took a Savta at the first sniffle and never did get sick. I will never be without it at work, when I travel or at home. By the way, my kids love the taste, it’s very clean and nice.

Trenny Hammond

Can’t get over on how quick this product works. I bought 2 boxes just to try it but I will definitely need more!

Michael Arthur

“We gave our clients and guests a taste of Savta Remedies at our recent retreat, and left them begging for seconds! They love the taste and all of course, all the health benefits. And so do we!”

Bliss Out Retreat Founder's Sarah Anne Stewart and Fern Langham

A patient let me have a bottle to try because I was sick. I took it and by the third day I felt 95% percent better. I could not believe what took a friend of mine three weeks to get over, it only took me three days. I have used airborne in the past for a week or two and still didn’t feel 100%. Thank you 🙂

Ashley C.