Who is Savta?

Translated into English Savta means “Grandmother”



The Biography of Dr. Helen Hassan-

Dr. Helen Hassan was a pioneer in Holistic Medicine in the early 1900s. As an innovator in holistic medicine, Dr. Hassan developed numerous formulas that are still used today under the name Savta Remedies.

Dr. Helen Hassan was born in the year of 1880 in Alexandria, Egypt. At the age of 15, her parents had passed away, in which left her an orphan. Her wealthy uncles had now become her guardians and took the responsibly to raise Helen. Due to the culture, women were married off at an early age, and this was no exception for Helen. With passion and high interest in medicine, she believed very strongly that woman have to be educated. Helen refused to be married off and begged her uncles to let her continue her education. At the age of 17, in 1897, Helen entered University with the ambition to enter the medical field. Helen was the first female to do so at her University.

In 1905, Helen became a qualified doctor to practice medicine, and had received her certificate from the Administration of Health Services and Public Hygiene for becoming a Midwife. Upon graduation Dr. Hassan worked for the Egyptian government as a physician with accountability for women returning from their journey to Mecca. These pilgrims were in quarantine camps initially, and her duty was to take care of the sick and needy women. At the time, there were not many female doctors, so Helen volunteered herself to take on this position where she was the lead female physician for the woman, as men were not allowed to check females due to the culture.

In 1917 she collaborated with Mr. Avramino Menashe, a well-known Egyptian businessman from Alexandria, with the upbringing of a hospital. During the World War 1 (1914 -1918), Dr. Hassan volunteered to treat wounded soldiers in l’Hospital Israelite. During this time she opened the clinic in Hart El Yahod with the purpose to serve the poor and needy. She was a pioneer in holistic medicine and had educated others around her the different methods and techniques she had followed.

Dr. Hassan also contributed to the French publication The Bulletin of the Alliance Israélite Universelle. She held a strong belief in education for women. She believed that with education women could become more independent; would demonstrate higher self-esteem; would not be dependent on marriage and their husbands; and ultimately an educated woman could become an equal companion to their husbands.

In 1915 Dr. Hassan married Joseph Shoushana a well-known banker in Alexandria, Egypt, from France. They resided in Abu-Kir which was in the subdivision called Garden City. She had five children, Esther, Henriette, Nelly, Robert and Avram. She also adopted another child by the name of Nonie Gabie at the age of 4, who was an orphan.

In the 1950s, a magazine called Nature and Health, had surfaced with documenting articles about health that were all inspired by Helen.

The combination of being a medical doctor and using all the simple remedies from natural forms made her a great success. All her remedies were used on her patients during her 35 years as a practitioner; and she educated many clients who would write down and practice her formulas, utilizing them all over the country. Dr. Hassan encouraged her patients to take care of their bodies by knowing the basics of nutrition and hygiene.

Her high standards of medical expertise are mentioned in many articles by the Egyptian government. For her services, the Egyptian government bestowed on her an honorary title of Pasha. The title of Pasha was one of the highest titles to receive in Egypt typically granted to governors, generals, and dignitaries One of its various ranks is equivalent to the British title of Lord, and was one of the highest titles in pre-republican Egypt. This title was usually given only to men and rarely to woman.

A Family Business Generated from the Legacy of a Pasha, Dr. Helen Hassan: Savta Remedies-

Today, my Grandmother Dr. Helen Hassan’s legacy is being continued, with a product line out in the market known as Savta Remedies. This line was established in 2012 by me Isaac, my wife Ayala, and four children, Natalie, Jessica, Joseph, and Isaac Jr. As Dr. Hassan’s Grandson, we are privileged with the ability to utilize her natural remedies to create Savta Remedies. The word “Savta” translated to English means Grandmother.

The launch of a family business has become essential to ensure the continuance for newer generations of the remedies developed by my Grandmother, Dr. Helen Hassan.

My grandmother had an outstanding record in holistic medicine. We had the pleasure of receiving all her notes, to include different formulas she had created her remedies with that were all used during her years of practice.

The first product Savta Remedies, has out is for Immune System Support. The immune booster is a mixture of key vitamins and minerals that are essential nutrients for your body when in need for a boost and to help support your immune system.*

If your immune system feels depleted or in need of a daily maintenance, Savta Remedies: Immune System Support is now at your hands reach. Savta Remedies is committed to providing its customers, with maximum result’s with a product line unlike any other out there, incorporating the highest quality available to perform at your best.

The dietary supplement features a significant amount of Antioxidants, B Vitamins, Electrolytes, and other Nutrients to help when there are visible immune system irritants or symptoms of a lack of wellness.

Help Recover, Support and Boost your Immune System with a new and unique Dietary Supplement and enhance your energy level naturally with Savta’s ingredients to include: Vitamin A, C, E, B-12, Niacin, Zinc, Selenium, Chromium, and a Proprietary Blend of Echinacea Purpurea, Goldenseal, Blueberry, Raspberry, and Blackberry.*

Benefits— Healthier Alternative, Essential Vitamins and Minerals, Natural Ingredients, No Preservatives, No Artificial Flavoring, Antioxidants and Electrolytes, 3,000mg of Vitamin C (Adults), Zero Calories, Sugar Free, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan, GMO-Free and Excellent Taste!

From our family to yours,

Isaac (Dr. Hassan’s grandson); Ayala (Isaac’s wife);
Natalie, Jessica, Joseph, and Isaac Jr. (Isaac & Ayala’s four children).

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